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2009 Sermons

Do we Need a National Happiness Index?
We stand at an important crossroads concerning the ways we look at our world and the people in it. Will we continue to live out a narrative based on fear […] Or can we look at the world through a new lens? …
(Rev. Craig Scott, January 18, 2009)

Eyeless in Gaza: Israel, Palestine, and the Limits of Power
Five years ago, Karen and I were part of a delegation to Israel and the Occupied Territories. Bethlehem was just recovering from a lengthy siege and lock-down by the Israeli army. The region was in the midst of what was known as the second Intifada. The situation looked pretty hopeless then. …
(Rev. Craig Scott, February 1, 2009)

Morality through the Lens of the Metaphysics of Quality
In January I introduced us to the Metaphysics of Quality described in Robert Pirsig’s book Lila. I read extensive selections, which have set the stage for understanding this framework for each of us to analyze what is the moral thing to do in any circumstance. …
(John H. Kramer, February 22, 2009)